Whisper Quiet Motor

Quick & quiet, with built in anti-collision sensitivity.

Space-Efficient Design

Designed to save space by easily fitting in any corner of your home.

Universal Fit

Superior height range that is 33% better than other models.

Anti-Tip Base

Upgraded for superior stability at all heights, even on casters.

Wellness Software

Included free with every LifeDesk. Reminds you to transition between sitting & standing.

High-Quality Desktops

Contemporary fan shape, sleek materials and ergonomic design for optimal comfort.

Ergonomic Excellence

Selected as the preferred work-from-home solution by a Silicon Valley tech giant.

Superior Health & Safety

Designed to reduce backaches and
increase physical & mental energy.

SmartLegs 1-ER

Our SmartLegs 1-ER is a great solution for a small desk or raising a corner worksurface especially in small spaces.

With the smallest footprint on the market, our premier sit-stand, adjustable height desk is built to enhance any corner office space, whether it be your home or office.

This one-leg, height-adjustable base is designed to fit under your existing worksurface to save you money and preserve the look and feel of your office design & decor. Or, bundle it with a sleek and stylish top from our worksurfaces collection.


SmartLegs 2 and 2-ER

The SmartLegs 2 and 2-ER is the perfect solution for home and work offices. Designed to fit a variety of worksurfaces ranging in size from 24″ to 108″, the legs can be used in a number of configurations to work with irregularly shaped surfaces. With optional proprietary Short Brackets, SmartLegs 2 can fit under a 24″ wide desk. With an optional Extender Bar, SmartLegs 2 can support up to a 108″ desk.

Our “Extended Range” SmartLegs 2-ER fit 99% of the population.

The specially designed heavy-weight feet act as stabilizers to minimize workstation wobble when the legs are extended in the standing position.


SmartLegs 3 and 3-ER

Convert your L-Shaped desk into a sit-stand desk. Simply replace the legs under your desk with the SmartLegs by LifeDesk. Three legs can span two surfaces in an “L” shape or a single long 120-degree worksurface.

With SmartLegs 3, you can raise and lower your L-shaped desk with a single push of a button or using the mobile or browser-based app. By supporting the entire worksurface, you can comfortably maintain the full use of your desk whether sitting or standing, unlike desk-on-desk solutions.

With a weight capacity of 525 pounds (the highest on the market), your executive desk can be transformed into a smart desk promoting healthy posture and increased productivity through movement.


SmartLegs™ by LifeDesk® Work From Home - New & Improved Design

The LifeDesk SmartLegs1 WFH unit has been redesigned to incorporate your feedback!

With a new and improved top mounting frame the WFH sit-stand desk can now accommodate larger and deeper worksurfaces, up to 48x30. Opt-in for a larger top if you need more space or are using multiple monitors. Get the smaller option if you have space limitations or are just using your laptop. Or you can always just buy the base if you already have a top on hand.

Prices start under $500 with coupon. Ask your rep for the discount. With all Lifedesk products, shipping is free!

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